Weight Loss

Generation UCAN Superstarch has been used in America for the last 6-8 years for weight loss.  In San Francisco there are 12 clinics alone using superstarch to aid weight loss. There are also numerous other clinics and individuals throughout the US also using it.

It has been found that the superstarch stabilises the blood sugar, which in turn reduces cravings and hunger and encourages fat burning.


Along with using the superstarch at the right times of the day, it is also very important to have the right nutrition.   

Superstarch is similar to a fiber, but is slow to be absorbed.  As a result this helps individuals feel not as hungry and if you count carbohydrates it is not counted as part of your daily intake, but the calories must be counted.

If using the superstarch correctly as part of your healthy nutrition you can find that you may be more alert and as a result think clearer.

It must be remembered that superstarch is a food source and not a supplement.

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