Tamara Armouch

Tamara started athletics at the age of 8 and has been passionate about it ever since. Now representing Jordan, Tamara has the national record over multiple distances and has competed at both the World Championships and Asian Games. Tamara finished 5th in the Asian Championships in 2016 and has a PB over the half marathon of 75:01. 


Tamara studied her undergraduate degree at the University of Birmingham in the UK and is a former Lobo, as she ran track for New Mexico at college where she studied her Masters in Statistics. She now juggles training with working as a strategy analyst in management consulting. 

Bella Hindley

Bella is a professional British swimmer, recently graduated from Yale University. While at Yale I had a distinguished NCAA swimming career, winning the Career High Point award at my first, second and fourth Ivy League Championships. I currently hold the Ivy League records in the 50 free, 100 free and 100 back and was the only woman in Ivy League history to win the 50 free in 4 years consecutively. I qualified for two NCAA tournaments and finished my NCAA career at Yale in 2019, qualifying for the meet with my highest rankings; seeded 11th in the 50 free, 20th in the 100 free and 28th in 100 backstroke.


I am very excited to represent the UK over the next year, and my goal is to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. Throughout my career so far I have qualified for 2 Olympic trials, been an Olympic trials finalist, won a medal at European Juniors, and been a multiple National gold medalist. I am currently training at the University of Tennessee with the professional team there and also applying to medical school back in the UK. 

Stuart Hacker

Stuart is a 39 year old father of two and is only happiest when swimming in Open Water! Stuart’s obsession with the sport began three years ago following 20 years out of the water. Stuart Swam competitively as a boy and rediscovered his love for the sport after joining Transition Tri and entering many Open Water races with his team mates. Over the last few years, Stuart has competed in many races of varying distance and has now set his sights on some of the great Endurance swimming challenges. Stuart completed a solo ‘skins’ Windermere swim in the summer of 2015 (17.5 km), A three man Channel relay in August 2016 and in September 2017 he completed a solo Channel Swim in Sept 2017.

Chris O'brien

My life in 2009 I was 38 years old, fat, unfit, ex-smoker, and couldn’t run from one lamppost to the next - oh and we were expecting our first babies... yes, it was going to be twins! I had to get my life together if I was going to be active with my kids and set a good example of health and well-being.


My love for running developed as a result. The start of a journey to fitness that has been one long experiment in all things training, hydration and nutrition.

I have run varying distance from 10k to marathon to 24 hour events. My first marathon I ran was in a time of 3:25:45 and back in October 2017 I broke 3 hours.

Generation UCAN UK Ambassadors

Paul Roberts

Paul is Passionate about performance, fitness and health, Paul graduated from the University of Surrey in 2002 with a Bachelor’s degree in the Science and Management of Exercise and Health, from here, he began his career as a trainer and coach. 

Initially, despite complying strictly with guidelines for movement and nutrition issued by government bodies responsible for health, Paul grew frustrated that, while athletes and clients became fitter, they were not necessarily healthier. Something crucial was missing. After years of self-driven study and experimentation, Paul concluded that our modern environment is alien to us. A glance at the health of our planet indicates the convenience of the modern world does not produce high performing, healthy everyday athletes. Inspired by our tall, lean, strong and healthy primal ancestors, Paul has created a simple approach to performance enhancement inspired by our ancestors and with personal responsibility and perception of reality at it’s core.

Kirsten Cameron

Taking part in sporting activities has always played a big part in my life. After graduating from University in 2002 I started my own Personal Training and Pilates business.


In 2012 I took part and won my first triathlon and in 2014 I represented GB for my age group at the European championships for Olympic distance, but I then shocked myself in qualifying for the Worlds in Edmonton.

I then trained to become a triathlon coach to help others on their journey.

I have since competed represented GB in a number of triathlons.

Katy Nelson

I am a triathlete and mountain sport instructor based in the Snowdonia National Park.


I completed my first Sprint Triathlon- the Sandman in 2014. From that point I was hooked! I have since completed the Slateman , The Snowman and Llandudno Middle Distance Triathlons where I  reached the womens podium- 3rd (2016) and 2nd (2017).

In 2016 I completed Ironman Wales finishing 5th in my division

I also enjoy racing in marathons, half marathons and swim run events.

Tom Gurden

Rory Campbell

Aaron Woodman

Rory Campbell

Tom is a 38 year old gran fondo/sportive rider with a passion for the mountains.

Having previously been a typical overweight, sedentary and unhealthy male finding cycling in
late 2012 has proved to be a positive turning point in my life by gaining control of my health
and fitness.


I have competed in numerous events ranging from
Lands end to John O’groats, Spain-Essex UK in 8 days La Marmotte gran fondo, Maratona
Dles Dolomites,  Mallorca 312,


I follow a low carb way of life and becoming fat adapted in the process.

Aaron has been running for 5 years following a successful career in rugby. He is head coach at Dynamic Running Strength, with a degree in Strength and conditioning, from the university of St Mark & St John. Following several marathons with GI issues with conventional fuelling protocols, he switched to UCAN and ran a PB of 2:24 to finish second Brit at Chicago marathon in 2019, without hitting the wall or suffering any GI problems. He has completed all six marathon majors.


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