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Our son was a competetive swimmer who was one of the top swimmers in his age group in the UK, until he started to collapse after 200m and 400m events. His ability to train hard also deteriorated. After two or three years of seeing a specialist, he was withdrawn from all foods, using a medical product called Elemental 028, a foul-tasting liquid normally given by feeding tubes; in the case of our son, he had to drink about 6 litres of it per day.


After six weeks we were told to reintroduce foods, one at a time, each for three days. If he did not react, he was allowed to continue eating that food; if he reacted against a food, it had to be eliminated from his diet and no further new foods were allowed untill he re-stabilised. When he did react to a food, he was ill for at least seven days.


After 12 months, his diet was limited to lamb, turkey, fish, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, glucose and sucrose, together with the Elemental 028. His swimming training was devastated, partially by the interruptions due to his reaction to foods, but mainly by the absence of any fuel for his 2.5-3 hour training sessions.


That was until his grandfather discovered SuperStarch. From that moment on, energy for training was not a problem, although his training was still disrupted when trying new foods.


In the absence of a UK source for SuperStarch, his grandfather imported it from the European mainland. However we were so enthusiastic about the product that we sought to be able to make it available to other UK sports men and women.


Fortunately GenerationUCAN agreed to us becoming a UK supplier and we made our first UK sale on 16 July 2013.


Kate Litchfield, Generation UCAN UK



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