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September 28, 2018

I recently went on a course called Activation run by Doug Heel what I learned in those two days was absolutely amazing!!! Its all about getting your body to "fire" in the correct sequence (optimal behavior - the order muscles are meant to fire in, and how your body has "cheat" patterns that it uses to get you where you want to go, or escape the tigers).


The thing that amazed me was how awesome the human body is, how clever it is. All Doug was doing was facilitating the change that the body needed, so that it could be strong and behave like it was meant to. Another thing that amazed me was how strong the body is when its activated and operating correctly.




Doug explained that for movement you need hip flexion, and the human body is designed to "fire" out wards, so starting with Psoas and Glutes and then quads and hamstrings, and third calves and tibialis. The same going up being abs and back muscles, and then arms etc. So using the bigger stronger muscles first and then the smaller and smaller ones.

Most of us our body's are trying to use other muscles (smaller ones) to create hip flexion as our glutes and psoas aren't doing the hip flexion they should be doing - possibly due to sitting in office chairs too much. Having your body fire in the correct sequence also prevents injury.


So if you want to be super human, its worth getting your body firing correctly along with nutrition and brilliant fuel (UCAN)


Until next time…

If you have any comments or questions, please email them ( ) and I or the UCAN team will answer them.  The questions and answers will then be posted on here, to help others.

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