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June 1, 2018


Here is more about hormones that I've learnt, and certainly stuff that I never even considered would affect me.


Your food gives your body signals for growth repair, reproduction. Like sugar and simple carbs lower testosterone, eggs make your repair and reproduce. But did you know that what you do, or how you behave also affects your hormones, and not just cortisol being released when something or someone has made you stressed?


The interaction with your partner and pears also effects your hormones. Estragon is also balanced in females by them talking about their day and problems, and testosterone is balanced in men by listening, but not telling the ladies how to fix the problem they may have. Just listening.


When men are put onto their estragon side (talking and explaining, with little or no listening or no man cave time) they might find that they gain weight or get man boobs. Did you know that too much estragon could also stem from your own fat on your body?

There is an enzyme called aromatase, which will convert testosterone to estragon. This could come from a bad liver. If the liver becomes scarred developing cirrhosis or a fatty liver then the liver could produce more estragon.


Until next time…

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