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May 1, 2018

A couple of years ago, I really hit the wall with my cycling/training. I was both physically and mentally exhausted. Not to mention coming down with a bout of candida…… which I most certainly don’t recommend!


Anyhow, my wife works for the NHS and said it might be a good idea to go and see a sports nutritionist. In fact, she recommended a colleague of hers. So, what did I have to lose. Looking back, it was one of the best things I have ever done. We virtually took it back to the building block foundations. She carried out a full assessment of my nutrition both on and off the bike and also assessed my appearance. It was clear to her (not me at the time) I was suffering from candida. Which is a yeast infection in the gut and intestine. This was brought on by too many gels, crap energy bars and sugary energy drinks etc. So, I need to take a long hard look at myself and break the chain. We then formulated a defence against candida through diet and good ‘clean’ protein. It was just small stepping stones. Anyhow, after this, we then looking at good supplements which actually contained wholesome vitamins and not fillers and bulking agents. I was pointed in the direction of Viridian which is a British vitamin company. Offering a superb range of clean and pure supplements. I started off with their sports multi and excellent Magnesium citrate powder. Just slowly introducing these things into my new focused diet. However, the real and significant change came when we focused on my sporting / on bike nutrition. I was sick to death of the mood swings and the spikes in blood sugar that these gels can give you. But, like many, I didn’t know any better. Ignorance is bliss !! 😊 So, my nutritionist suggested that I should look at a starch-based supplement which is a long chain molecule. I also looked at MCT oil which greatly assisted in my health and wellbeing, not to mention restoring energy. So I went away and done some research. I came across Generation Ucan . Probably like many, I was a little sceptical of its claims and also being an American product, I treated I with caution. (sorry Ucan but it’s the truth). However, I have always been a one to experiment and try different things. So, I ordered a pot along with their hydration from Kate at Generation Ucan UK. However, before I ordered, I had a long chat with Kate about the product. Anyhow, when it arrived, after reading all the blurb on the container, I gave it a go. I remember thinking to myself that these scoops were going to fuel my long ride…. yeah right! So, I took some fruit bars along just in case. Well, after a three-hour ride, it pretty much did what it said on the pot. I remember scratching my head thinking, hells bells how’s this possible. Plus, no side effects of low blood sugar levels, headaches and mood swings. For me, it was a win win. I gave it a few more goes just to make sure, but it continued to do what it said on the pot. Also, keeping the weight down at the same time. Generation Ucan has now become a firm training partner in my cycling and general fitness regime. I’m pleased I found it. Also, so has the MCT Oil 😊 The trials and tribulations of cycling and competing I guess. Have fun and be safe out there. Warren



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