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I first started using Generation UCAN Superstarch


sports drink , when I was ill.  My family were looking for a health alternative to the standard sugar and caffeine based products on the market.  My parents are the suppliers for the Superstarch in the UK.


My sport was swimming.  Before I was ill I was knocking on the door of Nationals. My whole life was evolved round swimming - the early mornings, 5 meals a day, late evenings, sacrificing social life and parties all to go swimming.


Everything was on point for achieving really well.  Being good young, but not too good so that I wouldn't burn out.  We thought my nutrition was great following to the letter what my coaches told us.  How wrong were we though, I lived on a typical high carb diet, which was heavy going on my system. I was continually having gastric issues, falling asleep in class, always hungry - how great is this right!


I soon became extremely ill for details if interested ( As a result my performance dropped, started missing training, struggled to train for 90 mins, which soon dropped down to an hour.  Mentally I became depressed and loosing hope.  My family looked for a solution for me and found Generation UCAN - I thought I had nothing to loose. 


After the first time of trying this drink, my coach was amazed.  She could not comprehend how much of a difference there was as completed the training session (21/2 hours), which I rarely did come this point.  The cherry on the cake was that I could actually train and keep going.  This wasn't just a one off either, I was making good habit of it.


The accumulative effect was that my swimming performance was steadily rising back up again.  the greatest benefits I found was that I was able to keep my sport and passion. I never felt tired, I had greater recovery from sessions and my body changed by loosing unneeded body fat.


At Christmas I had to give up swimming as I have EDS-hypermobility and my spine started dislocating on a regular basis.  I now go to the gym instead and specialise in Olympic weight lifting. I have also trained as a strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist.


From a coaches point of view the important benefit of using superstarch, is that the athlete can tolerate volume significantly greater, which in turn can be a key factor for performance increase.


When I was swimming I used and ill

1/2 scoop of UCAN 20mins before swimming

1/2 -1 scoop during swimming (depending on how hard and long the session was)

1/2 scoop after train

Spoonful of C8 oil

Training was normally 2 hours but sometimes 3hours.  My reason for using so much superstarch compared to other people was due to my health being so poor (at worst I was on a liquid glucose based drink)


Once my health improved my amount of UCAN decreased to

1 scoop of UCAN for a 2 hour session splitin to

1/2 scoop before and 1/2 scoop during

C8 oil


The important thing with using Generation UCAN superstarch is that you need to find how it works best in your system.

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