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January 1, 2018


The liver does thousands of functions in the body, it converts the thyroid  hormone T4 to its active version, T3 so the body can use it. It makes fuel for your brain, the glucose and ketones that it requires, from protein, carbs and fat. It makes hormones. It gets rid of toxins. It converts MCT oil directly into ketones, without going via your stomach. It’s a really amazing organ, and really is worth taking care of.

Liver damage causes a fatty liver which counters HGH (human growth hormone) which is used for building muscle and for repairing your body. Your liver can be damaged by drinking, but very often it is damaged by other things and you may not drink at all. Your liver takes 3 years to repair its self, it’s the only organ that can completely repair its self. To do this your liver needs lots of cruciferous vegetables, bitter vegetables, milk thistle, choline, Serrapeptase. Too much protein also clogs up your liver.

Serrapeptase fixes liver scarring (cirrhosis), and choline helps dissolve fat in the liver (bile enables you to digest fat).

Beetroot helps detox  the liver by increasing phase I and II detoxication, which gets rid of poisons. Beets also  increase your testosterone and lower estragon, which we get too much of from our water and food supply. There are also endocrine disruptors that are man-made and mimic our hormones, so that the body accepts them as the real hormone when they aren't, and they disrupt our body's cycles as they don’t behave quite the same as proper hormones do.

Beets are also good for blood pressure. They are high in choline to help you with a fatty liver. They also increase energy, endurance and stamina.


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