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December 1, 2017


Usually hormones are made up of a couple of elements, then your liver, glands and gut bacteria convert them into the elements that are needed to make the hormones. Different hormones require different elements and are used for different things, including communication.

Just like melatonin is used for sleeping, so cortisol is used for waking up. Insulin is used for storing excess fuel and nutrients in to cells, and by doing this lowers your blood sugar levels, so IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor) is used for burning stored fuel when you aren't eating, it is also triggered by consuming excess protein.

IGF-1 and insulin play tag to provide fuel for the body, Insulin works when you eat, and IGF-1 works when you aren't eating. Interestingly the liver has a lot more IGF-1 receptors than insulin receptors.


The lower your average insulin level the better your insulin receptor sensitivity. Insulin resistance causes low insulin and triggers more cortisol to be released. Lower insulin levels and higher insulin receptor sensitivity are associated with longer life.

Potassium and Vitamin B1 decrease the need for insulin and by doing this over time increase receptor sensitivity.

IGF-1 is an extension of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and has the same functions, the liver converts HGH to IGF-1 when you aren't eating.


Insulin inhibits HGH, thyroid hormones and IGF-1, so basically its inhibiting the hormones that repair and burn fat. The less you spike insulin the better. But there is a need for insulin, as it is necessary to drive the nutrients into your cells, we just don’t need the huge amounts of it that we are used to, due to spiking it with sugar and refined carbs.

Estragon inhibits Thyroid hormone, Testosterone and HGH, so it's also not good to have too much of it, it needs to be balanced and at the correct time. Iodine and stinging nettle root decrease estragon.


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