Customers Questions Tailwind vs Superstarch

September 20, 2017


Today we had the following questions from a potential customer and Wendy responded with the following answer


I'm interested in your product as it's been highly recommended by several athletes on LCHF on FB
I'm currently using Tailwind only on my long bike rides. How does UCAN compare to this?
Can I use UCAN on my long runs instead of gels which sometimes give me gut ache especially when racing!
Do you recommend the bars? I like to eat solid food when riding



I have never used Tailwind, but from what I have found on line they have electrolytes in (which is good) but they have 25g of sugar which is going to spike your insulin and stop fat burning (UCAN doesnt spike insulin and alows you to continue fat burning)


The reason UCAN comes highly recommend on LCHF diets is it gives your muscles a bit of carbs to burn at a steady rate that still allows you to burn fat (cleaner fuel). UCAN is also unique as it keeps your blood sugars steady so you dont bonk or get fuzy brain later on in your training session, or race. You also dont need to take it as often (hourly rather than every 20min) which makes fuel planning much easier.


You can definitely use UCAN on long runs. If you mix it with less water to make a paste an put it in a little gel bottle it works perfectly. 

Due to the way UCAN is made it has larger particals which will pass through your digestive system with out causing GI distress. UCAN is also not sugar which some people find upsets their tummys.


Ive never tried the UCAN bars as they arent available in the UK. But you can make bars with UCAN powder. I have a few recepies in an earlier blog for nibbles on the bike, there are also some on Pinterest and GenerationUCAN's facebook site.

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