Ambassador Warren Davies

September 1, 2017

I love Generation Ucan and always spread the good news about the brand. In truth, its revolutionised my training / racing programme in such a positive way. Not only the on-bike fuelling but also the recovery after training.  It's a very clean product to use and delivers the results without the blood/GI crash. 


Like many others, I used SIS, Torq and High Five, not to mention gels etc. But felt my blood sugar wasn't being regulated. so consequently after training I would get those post training blues, for example GI crash and the mood swings. With Ucan it trickle feeds the body without the 'spikes' and also greatly aides post recovery.


Presently, I have recommended two friends to the brand and always spreading the word when out training and racing on the road. There are so many people out there who just don't know about it and it seems like a breath of fresh air when they are told.



I have always been a type of person who likes to research and break new ground. As I have always said, the engine needs to be right as you are the one powering the bike. It doesn't matter how much your bike is worth, you being the engine is absolutely key! 

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