Wendy Ralfe - February Blog

February 28, 2017


Our bodies are very attuned to cycles, moon cycles, sleep cycles, season and food cycles, I never realised how much these cycles affected us or maybe more honestly didn’t take it seriously.


You may think its ok to skimp on your sleep, or that sleep is a waste of time and you’ll sleep when you dead.  But what you don’t realise is that while you are sleeping you are giving your body time to repair and detox its self – it’s not sleeping.


It’s clearing waste from your brain and your spinal stem (all your communication paths).

Your liver is detoxing, getting rid of fungus, moulds, pesticides, metals etc. all the things you eat without knowing – your liver does this between 11pm and 2am.

While you sleeping your body makes human growth hormone to repair its self, this is mostly done between 10:00 / 10:30 and 3:30am.


Maybe this is why your body doesn’t like to change sleep cycles to much as it has a lot of work to do.

Bear in mind an Arcadian Sleep cycle is about 90min cycle.


Your body also likes the timing for eating certain things, for instance eating a bit of carbs at night will help you sleep, as this helps your liver to have the required sugar at the ready, so it won’t have to wake you up due to your blood sugar being to low for your brain. UCAN is great for keeping sugar steady so you don’t wake up.


Don’t have too much protein at night (might stop you from sleeping), but protein in the morning will stop hunger, and cravings.


Cortisol (your stress hormone) is good for getting you up in the morning, ready to go, but not good for night time when you need to sleep. Cortisol is good short term, but bad long term. Also bear in mind that if your thyroid is being suppressed (by fluoride, estragon, etc.), your adrenal gland will try and compensate by making more cortisol.

Everything works in time, and balance. The trick is listening to your body so you can know the timings and balances are correct.

Until next time…

If you have any comments or questions, please email them ( ) and I or the UCAN team will answer them.  The questions and answers will then be posted on here, to help others.

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