Wendy Ralfe: December Blog

December 1, 2016


With all the colds and flu bugs flying around, I did some investigating as I hate being sick.


I found as you may expect that you need to have Vitamin C and Zinc (your immune system is built on zinc), but the Vitamin C can't be from pills as it is just ascorbic acid (which will give you spider veins if you take too much), you need the full complex (from foods like peppers, kiwi fruit etc. Not cooked as heat destroys vitamin C). Your body uses vitamin C for just about every process in your body.


The other thing I found out is that your immune system is never going to work without your microbes, being in abundance and being the good ones.


Some pretty amazing and interesting facts about you microbes:

- You have approximately 5pounds of bacteria in your body.

- 90% of your body is non-human

- They help with stress by convert cortisol to androgen

- They help stabilize hormones

- They control appetite (as they are helping you absorb the vitamins and minerals that you need)

- They help your immune system


The best ways to get microbes:

- Yoghurt (make sure it has live bio on the pot)

- Kefir

- Sauerkraut

- Olives in brine

- You can also take a probiotic


The bottom line is these little guys (the good ones) help you process your food, so that you can feel strong and sharp, and train harder.


Until next time…

If you have any comments or questions, please email them ( ) and I or the UCAN team will answer them.  The questions and answers will then be posted on here, to help others.

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