UCAN UK February Update by Wendy Ralfe, triathlete

February 26, 2016


As race season is just around the corner, I thought I’d do a quick blog on race schedule fuelling. I find UCAN absolutely lovely when it comes to race fuelling, just because I don’t have to carry half as much stuff as other athletes and it’s so easy to plan. You just need to take into account the distances you are doing and how fast you usually do them in.

I have put packets and scoops below, as they have different amounts of fuel in them; packets contain one and a half scoops so they need to be calculated differently. Packets are easier to pack if you are racing away from home.


Half an hour before the swim

1 or 2 packets or scoops of UCAN, depending on the distance you are racing.

Generally I have some electrolytes too.

On the bike

I wait the first 10 to 15 minutes just to settle down and give my legs time to get going and then I have my first packet of UCAN

After that it’s every 90min I have a packet.

If I’m using scoops it’s every hour. I draw lines on my bottles so that I know where my next packet/scoop starts. Don’t sip UCAN; drink the packet or scoop down in one go.

In between I drink water, and sips of electrolytes.

It’s also an idea to use a protein UCAN on the bike if you feel hungry. Just test it before in a training session to make sure your tummy is okay with it.

For the run

I make gels that I can put in my pockets (UCAN with a little water). I use gel bottles to put each scoop or packet in (there are camel back ones and others). I have tried soft bottles and packet too, but found they didn’t work too well for me and were messy, but it’s what works for you and what you are comfortable with. In between I take water from the fuel stations.

When I make the gels, I measure the water into a normal bike bottle (1 gel bottle of water per hour of running, or 1 gel bottle of water per hour and a half of running – don’t fill the gel bottle completely, you’ll need space for the UCAN). I then add all the fuel, and shake the bike bottle like crazy. Then I divide all the mixed fuel between all the little gel bottles. I find this the least messy way to do it, as the bike bottle has the perfect sized pouring nozzle for the little gel bottles.

You can also try a mix of gels, depending how long your run is. If you have one or two of your normal UCAN gels and then one or two gels with plain UCAN mixed with coffee, I find it helps at the end of a long run.

Hope this helps you and good luck for your races!!!


Rest Week


 Since writing this article I have found out that the rest weeks need to increase in mileage as well, a little more rapidly than what I put in the table. So that your mileage drops down slightly on a rest week but not right back down.


Every third week drops back down in distance so that it’s the same as the distance that you did in week one of that set of three weeks. You can do this using a 4 week set too, just be sure to check in with your body and how its feeling with the load.



Don’t forget to keep your running interesting and fun. Add some variety by doing, Intervals, Hills, Tempo, Long slow distance runs too.


Until next time…

If you have any comments or questions, please email them ( ) and I or the UCAN team will answer them.  The questions and answers will then be posted on here, to help others.

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