UCAN UK Ambassador: Rob Parry

September 4, 2017


Rob Parry - Ironman and 2nd Cat Road Racing Cyclist

Having not been particularly into sport growing up, I chanced upon triathlon in my late-20s when a new local club was formed. Soon after joining in 2007, I entered my first race, and before I even crossed the finish line, I knew was hooked.


Since then, I have competed in over 100 multisport events across all kinds of disciplines and distances, from local aquathlons (mainly as part of the BTF London League that I have won the past four years running) and offroad duathlons, to international iron-distance triathlons. I have represented GB as an Age Grouper on eight occasions since 2011, and will be on the team twice more in 2017. I started bicycle road racing this year, gaining my 3rd cat licence after two races, and my 2nd cat licence a few months later.

UCAN SuperStarch is a truly revolutionary product, and I haven’t found anything on the market that can compare to it for keeping me fuelled, whilst having absolutely no adverse effects on my gut. It combines the benefits of fasted training (like fat adaptation and zero digestion-related distress) with the energy and fuelling from carb loading. The plain version is my favourite, as because it is tasteless, it can be mixed with all sorts of other products easily, and it also doesn’t switch on my sugar craving receptors, which I find helps me stick to a healthy diet outside of training and racing. 


In the earlier years, I didn’t know much about nutrition, and as a result battled with fatigue and injury. My initial deep dive into nutrition in 2012 led me to adopt the paleo diet and lifestyle, which I I feel was instrumental in improving my sporting performance over recent years. Avoiding processed sugary drinks and gels was a key part of it, but I was finding it difficult to find a product that you could take during hard training sessions and races that was easy on the stomach, until I discovered UCAN SuperStarch. In the late summer of 2017 I moved onto a fully-vegan diet, and I look forward to learning what to eat in order to thrive on this diet. UCAN SuperStarch will continue to be my go-to nutrition for early morning training sessions and race days. 


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