Nathanael although he is young has developed a love for health and nutrition.  Due to this love, he has trained as a nutritionist and also a strength and conditioning coach.

Nathanael's love developed as a result of becoming extremely ill at the age of 13 due to his allergies and intollerances becoming out of control.  As a result he was taken off food for 2 years and placed on a liquid drink called elemental o28.  With the help of immunotherapy he has been able to take control of his allergies and health and slowly get back to eating food again.  Although his diet is still limited he is fit and well.

This has given him insight to the importance of health and that if people do not have their health they have nothing.

Nathananel has a great understanding to people with weight issues and knows how difficult it can be to loose weight or even gain weight.  As a result he works with the individual with empathy and guidance.  He is willing to listen to individuals issues and if you have allergies he really has the understanding on how to help you too.

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