What you'll need
  • UCAN packet or scoop of your choice

  • Cold water or milk

  • UCAN Blender Bottle



What to do


  • Tear, pour, shake! It's that simple.



We recommend mixing the full Generation UCAN powder packet with cold water or milk (of choice). Drink our flavoured or plain sports drinks 30-45 minutes before your workout to allow your body enough time to breakdown Superstarch; drink post workout mixed with a protein within 30 minutes help your body recover efficiently.


The beauty of Superstarch is that UCAN use it however works best for you. Some of our extreme endurance athletes prefer to use two packets before their activity, while others consume it at intervals or even drip feed, depending on length of activity and needs.


To maximise the benefits of SuperStarch, avoid mixing UCAN with sugary drinks and products or high carbohydrate foods.


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