The Problem

Most sports energy drinks send your blood sugar sky high. This happens because those drinks are composed of simple sugars (sucrose or fructose) or maltodextrin - poor choices for an energy drink because they break down very rapidly, forcing you to re-dose over and over. This creates an unhealthy cycle of a spike and crash in blood sugar.


These products also elevate blood insulin levels, inhibiting your body's ability to burn fat. Athletes who rely on these kinds of sugary products often fail to reach their true potential and face health risks such as obesity, malnutrition and diabetes.



The Answer


Generation UCAN's main ingredient, "SuperStarch," provides sustained natural energy levels without spikes and crashes. Our SuperStarch is a complex carbohydrate that breaks down slowly over time, keeping you above baseline significantly longer.


This means no re-dosing, no volatile highs or lows and no sugar (your dentist will love you)! You will perform better by allowing your body to use fat for fuel.



The Benefits


Generation UCAN, powered by SuperStarch, stabilises blood sugar and minimises insulin response, delivering several scientifically validated benefits:


  • Optimised performance with steady energy when you need it, without the spike and crash of sugar and maltodextrin based products.

  • Sustained energy with time-released delivery of glucose, keeping you above baseline longer.

  • Enhanced fat burn allowing you to improve body composition as you burn fat for fuel during your workout and keep burning fat while you recover due to suppressed insulin response.

  • Speedier recovery as your body is able to use protein to repair and restore your muscles rather than for energy, since blood sugar is stable.

  • No gastric distress, because SuperStarch is a large molecule that passes through the stomach quickly and is digested slowly in the intestines.


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