Flavoured SuperStarch Drink Mix

Our flavoured Drink Mix is powered by SuperStarch, has no added sugar, contains added electrolytes and is gluten free. Try it before exercise as a pre-workout snack, during your long endurance workouts, between meals to control cravings and as a healthy addition to a meal replacement shake. Available in individual sachets or in tubs.


Flavours: Cranberry & Raspberry, cinnamon, cocoa delite and lemon.

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Plain SuperStarch Drink Mix

Our plain Drink Mix is for anyone who wants unflavored, 100% SuperStarch to take as is or create your own blend. SuperStarch is non-GMO and gluten-free. Flavor our hydrate electrolytes, mix with water or milk. Use before exercise, during and/ or post-workout recovery, for everyday energy or blend with healthy ingredients to create a meal replacement shake. Available in individual servings or in tubs.


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UCAN Hydrate Electrolyte Drink Mix

Say hello to UCAN Hydrate! From the same company that’s bringing you the very best in sports nutrition comes natural hydration specially designed by an Olympic dietitian to replenish the mix of nutrients lost in sweat. UCAN Hydrate contains five essential electrolytes, has no sugar and zero calories, and is naturally sweetened with Stevia. Try our clean, natural electrolyte replacement drink to rehydrate the healthy way.


Available in packs of boxes of 12 sachets or in tubs.


Flavour: lemon/lime, berry and watermelon

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